Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone in Blogland

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!!

Welcome to Second Time Treasures all! Glad to have you dropping in. As you can see I have been Missing In Action again, and really did not plan it being this way. I guess I got to many skillets on the fire here, and have been working on narrow things down a bit. Spending a lot of time with my main blog over at LilacsNDreams, and with one of my pages there too LilacsNDreams Shoppe. Stop by to visit there when you get a chance. 

Also, I have another blog that feels more comfortable to be, and is actually more like me, and who I am too. I would like to introduce that blog to you as well Thrifty Shop Girl. I would be happy to see you hop on over to that blog, and join me there. Nothing fancy at that one, just down to earth, sharing time about my adventures and finds with thrifting, yard sales, and that sort of thing. Still a working progress, but it is coming along nicely too. So, give it a visit when you can. 

As for this blog? Not sure what I want to do with it yet. My domain I need to check with GoDaddy to see how much more time is left with it as I am considering letting it go. I changed my second shop at ebay to ThriftyShoppeGirl as well. To me it is kind of catchy, but it is sooo much more me, what I do, what I enjoy doing whether business, or just for Me too:)

I hope ya'll have a super fun Labor Day Weekend!:) Visit the other blogs when you can, and would be sooo happy to see you too! Make sure to say Hi so that I can also come visit with you as well. Thanks again for visiting Me, and hope to see you at the other blogs everyone!


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